What is Instagram AI Chat? A Comprehensive Overview


Apr 21, 2024
Instagram AI Chat


Instagram Artificial Intelligence or chat-bot is a computer program ingrained within the application that replies spontaneously to the messages sent to it by Instagram users. The key function of that chat-bot is to come in contact with the users on its own by sending them greeting messages, answering the questions asked by users, and answering the users in a casual manner that represents a human being talking. These chat-bots work for 24 hours in a day and are designed in such a way to have many one-to-one discussions at one time. 

Applications of Instagram AI

AI has many uses when used by people, but when it comes to businessmen, they use it for automatizing: 

  • Answers to a client’s questions 
  • Placement of orders 
  • Repetitive replies regarding policy of shipment and status of orders 
  • Collection of leads 
  • Providing discounts 

These AI chat-bots may come in handy as virtual assistants for business accounts on Instagram. We shouldn’t be surprised at the fact that due to this reason the chat-bots have become a part and package of advanced client service and digital advertising. 

What more can they do?

Your profile can be strengthened using Instagram chat-bots and scale your IG approach by enhancing engagement of clients. For instance, you can computerize sending immediate messages to individuals who respond to the stories you post on Instagram. 

Working of Instagram AI Chat-bot 

Several chat-bots, even the ones that are being utilized on Instagram as well are constructed with conversation flow charts. They permit the bots to come in contact with potential clients, either it has to answer the questions asked by them or perform actions in a specific way. 

Building of conversation flow charts 

These chat flows can be constructed in both pretentious and complex forms using three elements: 

  1. Triggers: They help in launching of the chat-bot
  2. Actions: Tells chat-bot what to do 
  3. Nodes: Tell the chat-bot that what situations result in a particular action, they are centered on a logic that includes then, that, this and if. 

Example containing flow of conversation at Tidio

For instance, if our client messages us on Instagram and questions us about the shipment, then we can reply to them using a chat-bot. To deal with such queries, you will need to use a chat-bot that will be triggered by certain words like “shipment policy,” “shipment update,” “shipping,” and “shipment information”.  And changes can be adapted by altering the condition, trigger, and action. 

Manufacture of a Chat-bot For Instagram 

Instagram AI Chat

Basically, Instagram doesn’t own any source or platform to construct chat-bots within the application’s interface. Conversely, third-party applications can be utilized to create bots. We can try to build chat-bots using the chat-bot manufacturing platforms like ManyChat, Tidio, or Chatfuel along with several others that can cost you various price ranges and offer free trials. Now, we will focus on the construction of an AI Chat-bot using Tidio. 

  1. Signing up for a Tidio account 

Get yourself signed up for an account by visiting the page and register using an email address, Facebook account or a shopify one. After getting yourself registered, you will be asked to personalize the widgets according to your own taste for your live conversation. The option referring to a live chat is optional and can be skipped. 

  1. Linking Tidio with our Instagram page 

Open the “settings” option available on your main dashboard. Visit the panel that says “Channel” and click on the option saying “Instagram”. There is no need of using any code snippets or API for this process as Instagram and Tidio are integrated with the help of a login code. It just requires your verification with the account. 

Then, select the accounts you want to assimilate. After that get the “connect your Instagram account” button clicked. Later, the interface will require you to mark the permissions on the Instagram account. 

  1. Launching Instagram chat-bots 

Once you have succeeded in assimilating your IG and Tidio account, look for the “Chatbot” panel and scroll below to the lowermost region of the page. Opt for any template on the “Instagram bots” or select “+add from scratch” option. 

  1. Using drag and drop editor 

You can use the editor provided by Tidio to:

  • Choose the templates of chat-bots that are already available 
  • Change the templates according to your demands 
  • Generate chat-bot from scrape utilizing conversation flows 

The templates already available are very easy to modify. They can be made just according to our choice for the target audience. Even the messages sent by chat-bots can be customized. The same editor can be used to generate more chat-bots from scratch. The only thing that distinguishes them is the action of choosing and dragging the blocks during build up by yourself to form a sequence for chat. 

  1. Activating Instagram Chat-bot 

When you are done with the making of a chat-bot, then it can be activated through one click. The second you are done, the chat-bot will function as you’ve made it to and will come in contact with your audience or customers on Instagram. 

Advantages of Instagram AI Chat-bot 

In recent years Instagram has been known to be one of the best among the Meta applications that has a variety of other features other than just communication. Instagram is being used for promoting businesses as well, along with updates and reviews regarding customer satisfaction. 

Enlisted below are the properties of Instagram chat-bot:

Availability at any hour: when running a business one must be submissive towards responsibilities like customer query management, social media management etc. which cannot be done by a team easily. And some customers require updates during off hours. So, to fill in this gap, the Instagram Chat-bot takes place and deals with such responsibilities along with replying to the customers at any time of the day. 

Lead group mechanization: Chat-bots offer diversified services in the field of sales. Issues with leads can be solved using chat-bots, as the algorithm on IG will display the preferred content to the user. Algorithmic changes won’t affect lead generation mechanisms also. Chat-bots will deal with clients and their DMS while we can focus on the lead conversion. 

AI braced sales and customer care: Clients are always in search of accessibility. What will be the best way to order a product through IG? For this purpose, chat-bots are employed which answer the queries of many customers, guide them and help them in placing their orders also. This is how efficiently the sales work is done without any mess being created. 

Inexpensive and enhanced productivity: A good amount of productivity that a chat-bot produces through online business would need a fresh department overall if you want to match. And the price of that department will not be close to that of a chat-bot of IG. Chat-bots on Instagram can help you save up money rather than investing them in hiring a human workforce.

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