How to use Copilot ? A Complete guide for new users

Apr 22, 2024
how to use copilot


Microsoft 365 Copilot is a tool based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) that generally functions to automatize features for PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and teams. It also deals with Windows Operating System and Search engine of Binge. To make a user’s experience more excellent and beneficial, Copilot provides recommendations and mechanizes assigned tasks and goals. 

Copilot is being constructed in such a way that causes it to get benfitted by  processing power that is being introduced by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel in Mobile PCs and our Computer at home. The chipmakers are working really hard to make AI coprocessors along with their new line of processors under construction. The processors are built specifically to process models of language and take an educated guess regarding the client’s mindset. Copilot will bring these technologies to usage for added power of processing. 

Copilot is still under construction. It was launched in the form of Bing Chat on 7th of February, 2023 as an extra for Microsoft’s Edge and Bing Browser. OpenAI’s GPT-4 large foundational model of language is the base that supports the Copilot’s Building. According to many sources, graphic processing units are utilized by Copilots for training purposes, and for taking an educated guess it requires the help of GPUs and central processing units. New CPUs are generated by Intel and AMD that contain a neural processing unit (NPU) which are specially constructed to accelerate the AI. NPU are utilized by Copilots to reduce the load of work on the CPU and to implement inference on Computer systems that are devoid of powerful GPUs. 

How to use Copilot ? 

There are many questions that arise regarding the use of Copilot and many often confuse it with the term “Autopilot” that has nothing to do with it. Microsoft Copilot doesn’t work on its own, it requires the effort and interference of a human being. Enlisted below are the steps that are to be followed when using Microsoft Copilot: 

  • Very firstly, open the applications relevant to Microsoft 365, such as MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams etc. 
  • Access the Copilot inside these applications so that you can get ahead with the tasks assigned to you. 
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot has the ability to integrate ChatGPT’s technology with the data it has relevant to you and your task in the Graph of Microsoft, so that it can assist you in the improvisation of your workflow. 
  • In MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, the Copilot rephrases or completes the text created by the users. It is capable of providing a summary of documents along with concise review of the contents mentioned. It can form data tables using text. 
  • While using Teams application, Copilot is observed providing outlines and recaps of the held meetings, exploring main points and action objects. At the time of meetings, can supply us with response recommendations and other topics for discussions, as well as translation from languages spoken from overseas. 

Is Copilot for free?

It might not be totally for free, but it does have some features that are free. Howerer, this whole Copilot thing is a system and it involves an approach across applications like OneNote and Excel. The whole approach of this system can only be granted to you if you or your company is on the plan of enterprise, known as “Copilot For Microsoft 365.” 

Ford Copilot 360 

It is a chamber of modern technologies constructed to keep you calm and self-assured behind the wheel on the road. The features within this system aids us navigate hills, detect pedestrians and automobiles in our blind spots, along with al;erting us about when it is the right time to switch lanes, reverse, and much more. Below are the details of the features accessible to us: 

  • BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) : This feature will help in reversing and switching lanes of the car. The BLIS along with Cross Traffic Alert System will detect people or cars near you when you reverse your vehicle or try to switch lanes on the road, and send you signals. 
  • 360-Degree Camera: Vehicles at Ford have become more equipped than   before with this camera that gives a bird’s eye view of the sides surrounding your vehicle. 
  • System Helping You Keep The Lane: People thank the Ford Copilot 360 system for the feature it provides, especially when it allows you to keep yourself in lane despite numerous distractions. It even lets you have a break by displaying the coffee icon after covering a few kilometers. 
  • Help In Preventing a Collison: This system also devoids us of a collison by alerting us about anything that is trying to cross our path, whether it may be a pedestrian or a car. And when needed, brakes are also applied automatically preventing a collison from taking place. 
  • Cruise Control: This is another feature found within Ford vehicles that consist of detecting speed signs, centering of lane, stop and go and recognizes signs demonstrating speed limits which cause it to stop or slow down the vehicle when there is traffic. 

Subscription of Copilot Pro

Copilot Pro is an individual subscription that is not a part of your subscription of Microsoft 365. It doesn’t matter whether you have a family plan sharing Microsoft 365 subscription, you have to purchase Copilot Pro individually at all cost. If you consider buying a Copilot Pro Subscription on your own using the same Microsoft 365 account that you have shared with your family, it will still allow you only to have access to it. The rest of the users will have to purchase their own. 

Copilot vs ChatGPT 

Both of these applications have been built on the basis of technologies provided by Artificial Intelligence and gigantic models of language, and they offer mutual experience for consumers, but there still remains one significant difference. ChatGPT is a very common and a single tool that can be utilized in several scenarios of a workplace, from supplying solutions for different issues, to generating content and preparing whole documents and their summaries. While Microsoft Copilot is a particular tool that is narrowly utilized within the context related to your organization. 


What is a copilot ?

Microsoft Copilot is a smart tool that helps computer programmers to write code faster. It gives them ideas and suggestions while they are typing. Copilot learns from lots of examples of code that other programmers have written before. It can even write small pieces of code, like functions or classes, based on what the programmer is working on. Copilot is like having a helpful assistant for programmers, making it easier for them to write good code quickly.

 How much does Copilot cost ?

Microsoft Copilot is a paid tool. Its cost depends upon how much you use it and the plan you choose. You can find the latest prices and options on Microsoft’s website or in GitHub’s pricing page.

What is Ford Copilot 360 ?

Ford Co-Pilot360 is like a super helper in new Ford cars. It has cool safety stuff like brakes that can stop the car if there’s an emergency, sensors that watch your blind spots, a camera to help you see behind you, and lights that turn on and off by themselves. Co-Pilot360 makes driving safer and easier by helping you avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

How does github Copilot work ?

GitHub Copilot functions similarly to a smart code assistant. It scans the code you’re typing and makes completion suggestions. Depending on what it observes in your code, it can even create new functions or write entire lines of code. Copilot provides ideas as you write, so you can write code more quickly and effectively.

Does copilot use gpt 4 ?

No, GitHub Copilot does not use GPT-4. Actually it uses a special version of GPT-3 that is known as Codex. It is really good at writing different types of codes. 

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