Best PC Games Of All Time That You Should Must Play

Apr 28, 2024
Best PC Games Of All Time

PC gaming is not only a source providing us joy, but it is also a means of companionship, happiness, and adventure for all people across the globe. Our time playing those games shows that they were very entertaining and extraordinary, even when we played them on our own computers.

  1. Computer games have been the center of our attention for centuries, and they still captivate people as an activity that can be enjoyed during their spare time. Let us view how these games brought smiles to young faces during their childhood days.

  2. The most exciting part about PC games was the installation process, where the loading screens with thrilling music appeared, and permitted us to play the game after the completion of installation.

  3. There was a reunion of friends and family during the old days when they watched and excitedly waited for their turns to play.

  4. There were many categories of games. Some of them were adventure, puzzle, adrenaline rush, action, etc. loved by everyone according to their own choice.

  5. Games were also custom-built by many players. They modified the games by extending the time limit, updating the files, and adjusting the graphics.

  6. Games were based on captivating stories that gave players amusing experiences, a variety of characters, and mysterious cases to resolve which made them feel as if they were playing in another world.

  7. Exploration was important. There were wide realms, complex levels where players wandered freely, and mystery treasure boxes and Easter eggs to lead players to a bonus level.

  8. There were meetups arranged by individuals where they would share guidelines to play a game, talk about altering it, etc. People from across the pages would meet and come together on fan pages, websites, and LAN events.

  9. There are still some PC games loved by people, such as “Diablo II”, “Age of Empire II”, and “Half-Life”, which made modifications to attract players and are still loved by them.

  10. There were also great events like the winning of a player by fighting pro players and friends they made virtually. Those moments of joy forced the players to come back for more.

  11. Many good memories were made while playing games with friends by winning or losing, passing a hard level, and feeling great. Those memories of a gamer are unforgettable.

Gaming’s progression over time

Back in the day:

  • Computer systems had games already installed in them, like Solitaire, Adventures of Simple Text, and Pinball. This enabled the gamers to play without using any extra software.
  • There were players addicted to the “Arcade” category of games, such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders. Some masterpieces of the arcade shifted to consoles and computers.

Eras of computing

  • Visually remarkable games were transitioned to CD-ROMs and caught the attention of many. Very famous games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA), The Sims, Need for Speed, etc. were installed on discs. 
  • Online gaming became common when the internet became accessible to everyone. Gamers downloaded titles of browsers from websites like Friv. Games launching monumental computer-generated worlds, such as The World of Warcraft were massively used for multiplayer purposes.

Games Online and Consoles

  • With the invention of famous consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, great graphics and cinematic views were offered to the players in their homes on Televisions. Players were attracted by games like Call of Duty, God of War, and Halo.
  • Through online gaming a means of connection and communication was established. Games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite became very famous. Online communities that were energetic revolving around esports appeared.

Computer-generated Reality and Cloud Gaming

  • Games using VR technology made players feel as if they were transported to the world of games. It was used for games such as Half-life, Beat Saber, VR Chat, etc.
  • Gaming services requiring cloud, such as Xbox Cloud, Google Stadia gave people the chance to play quality games without the involvement of any hardware – acquiring traction.

Best PC Games Of All Time

Best PC Games Of All Time

The Sims: This game is generated by Maxis, for providing 0players with a new experience of simulation where they can create their own virtual characters and handle them, build up homes for them and mark their fate. This game is considered as a masterpiece of all times.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA): This game can be counted among those appreciated by many gamers and is one of the best pc games of all time. GTA has caught the attention of many players across the globe because of its features, like the expanded worlds, mischievous opportunities, and thrilling stories.

Need for Speed (NFS): NFS has attracted many users for its genre which involves car racing, customizing cars, holding races, etc. This game has been very famous for the past decades for its thrilling stories, experiences that make it serve the purpose of being a staple in PC gaming.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: The category is defined by the first-person shooter. It was launched during 2009, with features like an enthralling story, missions of single-gamer, and multiplayer option that pumps the adrenaline. It has a great gaming history where there is fixing of a “No Russian” mission.

Baldur’s Gate 3: This epic piece was released in 2023 that lasts with the heritage of classic Baldur’s gate series. It consists of a universe containing dungeons and dragons, storytelling, intricate personality formation, and combat challenges. Fantasy loving fans are impressed by the intricate details of this game.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Just after Rockstar Game’s masterpiece GTA, comes another representing Wild West of the USA. Great art work has been seen in this game through its graphic’s quality, attractive narrative, and a diverse, living world. People receive unforgettable experiences through RDR2 during exploration of its wilderness, bonding with horses, and participating in shooting.

We can very proudly conclude that the world has succeeded in evolving with the help of machines such as computers. These games have left a mark on the hearts of players across the globe. From the old days of PC gaming to the technological world of today, the love for game continues to cross boundaries, reunite people, flashing imaginations, and shaping culture. While celebrating such great history, we also eagerly wait for the changes the future has in I for us. 

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